Sunday, July 13, 2014


Even as I write this it is hard to understand what happened. A few days ago Drew and I were planning to get together and go over some important items for Jack of All Spades and today I’m writing a memorial to one of my favorite people. Andrew Thomas Barnes, or Dexter as he was often known was my second youngest brother and as such he was a pest growing up. The kind of kid that was too young to tag along with his older brothers. We relentlessly picked on him and never thought twice.

Had I known then how great he was to have around I might have changed my tune.

Saturday, July 12th he was out riding his motorcycle when an SUV pulled out in front of him. There was nothing he could have done and he died instantly. I will miss him greatly.

Following his return as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Drew and I began to draw closer. He loved the outdoors and survival, as did I. He loved motorcycles, as did I. He loved his family, as did I. Most of all he loved genuine people and I love him for it. It was with him in mind that I developed the position of Master-At-Arms for Jack of All Spades. I wanted someone who saw things differently than most and who was loyal, honorable and dedicated to the mission we presented. He was all of that and more.

Drew had the ability to draw others in and present Jack of All Spades in a way that people could see the vision. Despite my best ability to make the mission the driving force behind membership with Jack of All Spades it was more often than not Drew’s magnetism that brought them in. People sought him out because he was a genuine person, a dear friend and everything I needed as a Master- At- Arms.
Even when we’d disagree and I felt like I might have to replace him I argued with myself that there was NO WAY I could because this was his position and I needed him at my right hand to help me with this.
He is and will forever be my right-hand man and I will miss him terribly. Until we meet again, Brother

Please use the comments section below to dedicate, share or leave a message regarding your favorite moment with him. I’d love to hear your stories. Also, there is a link on the front page if you would like to make a donation to his family. Thank you again for all your support.


  1. Andrew and I became friends on the mission. We engaged in...some shenanigans. I won't tell you about the time we broke curfew to go to this delicious fish and chips joint and got caught by a traffic camera, or the time he tried to run over a cat, or the time we barbecued an Elder's shirts because he was going home... I will tell you about all the time we spent exercising in the park, which my companion and I would go with him and his companion so we'd feel safer, and we did feel safer. He was the most sincere person I met out there. If he cared about you, he'd have your back forever. I love this guy. He's leaving a good legacy.

  2. First of all I am so sorry for your loss. Andrew was a beautiful sweet dear soul. I cannot comprehend how hard this must be for you all... unimaginable heartache. It is hard to understand.
    When we were in the ward I remember picking Andrew up and dropping him off many times... he never forgot to say "thank you" He was thoughtful and perceptive for someone so young. He impressed me with his pure heart and kindness. Praying God will keep you close and carry you during this time. Sending you all our love from the Ashby/DiRegolo family.

  3. Andrew loved Jack of all Spades and all that is stood for. He lived so much in his short life. He was an amazing husband, father, brother, son and friend. He and I always had a special bond. As a little kid he was my little buddy. There is a huge hole in my heart. See you on the other side Andrew.

  4. In the early 90's there was a hurricane that devastated the east coast and it was named Andrew. Being he younger brother and prone to breaking things we called him Hurricane Andrew. It was a joke and eventually it died away but as we all go through this time I keep thinking of that one memory. Andrew was much like a hurricane. He touched so many people and affected them in ways that are really hard to describe. Some time he was as forceful and difficult as a hurricane but at other times he was like the eye of the storm, completely calm and caring midst the craziness of the world. He'll always be a Hurricane to me and I love him for it. RIP Brother. I miss you.

  5. I met Andrew in 2012 at Corry Station in Florida, while we both attended school for our job in the Navy. And let's just say that the first time I encountered him, my first thought was "wow this guy is nuts"! Haha. We were in what we call "holding". Holding was for when we were either waiting to get into an upcoming class, or waiting on orders to be written for us to go to our first duty stations. So I walk into this ultility room, where all I hear is HOOYAH! being yelled in my face. You gotta remember too, that i was fresh out of boot camp and here was Petty Officer Third Class Barnes yelling in my face. I felt right at home :) Anyways, one ironic thing to me is that the first conversation I had with Andrew, he asked me if I had ever had the pleasure of watching the show Dexter. After I said no, he went into a full-blown and very excited explaination of what i have been missing out on. The nickname Dexter fits Andrew all too well...

    After our meeting within the concrete buildings of Corry Station, it seemed my time was consumed with Andrew, Tomi, and (at the time only) Christopher. We would wake up every weekend and go to Waffle House and have a breakfast where we laughed and enjoyed good company. One time Andrew told the waitress that he was deathly allergic to nuts, after he received his waffle that he very, very clearly stated "no walnuts please". Obviously Andrew wasn't allergic to nuts, he was just allergic to waitresses that didn't pay attention to his simple order. This memory makes me laugh.

    June 2012 comes around, and I got a phone call from Tomi and Andrew saying our houses were flooding, and we needed to get back home ASAP. So my ex husband and I drive into our base-housing development and the water in our neighborhood was over the hood of my car. So where is Andrew? Oh he's out putting sand bags on all of the houses in the neighborhood, trying to help everyone out not just his home and his family. We lost almost everything we owned that day, but we all became closer through this hardship.

    Andrew helped me through a lot of the difficult times i've had over the past few years. He helped me with my first PCS. Through my medical board process with the Navy. He and Tomi helped me through my divorce from my abusive marriage (Andrew definitely had things to say when it came to that one). Andrew and I became wonderful friends, and we were sure we had many years to enjoy life together with our families. We planned motorcycle rides throughout the Northwest and how we both wanted to live in the middle of nowhere and live off the fruits and fats of the land. We shared many interests, and I loved the friendship we had. He was like a brother to me, and my heart feels very heavy right now. This all feels like a bad dream. I was supposed to see Andrew last Sunday, but it just didn't work out and I wish it would have. But you can do all the wishing in the world - if it's not in God's plan, it won't happen. Andrew was called home to Jesus early, so he could pave the way for his family and friends to follow. I miss my friend. I miss my brother in arms. My Shipmate. Ill be seeing you, Drew.

  6. I met Andrew in the MTC in December of 2007. He did'nt get along well with his companion and neither did I so we would sneak off into another room during MDT and sing hymns together. He taught me a lot of what i know about singing. We instantly became friends and we would always jump at the chance to see each other on the mission. We would sing at meetings as often as possible. After the mission i had the honor of being the best man at his wedding. Although we lived far away, I was able to visit Andrew and Tomi when they were in Florida. He was a great father to his boys. We have had our disagreements when i comes to politics and other things but i will always regard Andrew as a brother. We would just crack up laughing, quoting Red Alert 2 (the computer game) and acting goofy. I love you Andrew and you will be missed greatly. I know you're singing with the angels now. Till we meet again brother.